The Full Story

Layla has 30 years first-hand experience in multiple domain areas from adtech to edtech, traffic routing to recruitment and at early stage startups through to mature corporates. She can help you to build a more sustainable and flexible business, by getting to know you, your teams, your metrics and products. Layla will help to outline areas of improvement in product, people, process and data, unlocking hidden opportunities for new growth and helping you to safely let go and empower your teams, in order to grow.




Head of Product Global Delivery

Lead product development across 7 products in Australia, Asia, Mexico and Brazil. A team of 50+ people based in three continents pioneering globally distributed teams


VP Product

Helping Go1 Product, Design and Engineering teams mature from start-up to scale-up


General Manager

Launched Envato Studio, global freelance marketplace from scratch to $10m in author earnings


Product Development Director

Product Development Director
Designed, launched, built and scaled Nielsen's first digital advertising analysis products in the UK and Europe.


Senior Product Manager

Launched first traffic routing on mobile for Whereis Maps and Navigator with Telstra and Garmin


Managing Director

Launched Melbourne site for NZ based Touchtech, from pitch to first clients  including Movember and Bupa


Senior Product Manager

Designed and launched high-end superannuation event hosted by George Negus with ex-prime minister Paul Keating as special guest


Head of Research

Built and led the business intelligence team in the age of print advertising, big competition and internet disruption