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My name is Layla Foord

Welcome to my world of transformative growth and innovation! I'm a passionate business leader with a diverse set of experiences. From launching a freelance marketplace from scratch to leading global teams in product, engineering, data science, business intelligence, and people and culture to developing world-class mobile and web apps. My strategies have fueled the growth of some of our most loved scale-ups like Go1, Envato, and Seek. I'm here to help you save time, bring out the best in your business and your people, and get your life back. With boundless energy, I create an environment where everyone feels comfortable, inspired, and ready to embark on an exciting journey filled with growth, innovation, and, fun.

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Rex Software


Seek International


As COO at Rex Software, helped a wildly successful startup find scale. By driving transformative change and setting the foundation for growth. I successfully matured operations, instilled a culture of empowerment and collaboration, and brought clarity of vision and strategy to the organization and helped attract multi-million PE investment from Potentia.

As a member of the Executive team, I had the privilege of playing a pivotal role in Go1's remarkable journey, helping the fast-growing EdTech startup double its revenue in just 12 months. With a strong focus on product strategy, positioning, and operations, I led the global Product, Design, Data Science, and Product Marketing teams to drive unprecedented growth and market expansion. Today, Go1 stands as a formidable force in the industry, boasting a valuation of over $2 billion.

With technology teams across three countries we delivered groundbreaking software solutions for Seek International, resulting in a single-platform, multi-country success story, generating an impressive 16 million monthly visits. 

I led the successful launch of Envato Studio, a global Freelance Marketplace. Within a short span, the venture achieved remarkable milestones, generating $1 million in revenue one year. 

Whereis Maps

Launching apps on a mobile back in 2009 was ground breaking work. Negotiating between Garmin and Telstra to pioneer turn-by-turn directions on mobiles, before the iPhone and Google Maps became prolific was an amazing way to learn about emerging subscription business models. 

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