Transform your product team from delivery slaves to creative and motivated superstars

Helping you to innovate, move faster and grow your business with the amazing people you have today. That’s right, they are already amazing, we just haven’t figured out how to help them shine yet.

By unlocking the talent you already have, celebrating diversity of thought, people and ideas you can have an even bigger impact on your goals.



Product Leadership, Coaching and Team Unification

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Product Management

Uplift product manager capability and practices

Identify skill gaps
Personal development plans and training programs
New hires required
Optimal structure for the teams to do their best work and achieve goals
Reduce risk of experimentation to get your ideas ‘done’ faster
Ensure your value proposition matches your product, your vision matches your actions and your metrics match your goals

High Performing Teams

Through workshops, coaching and self assessment:

Understand each others unique perspectives and viewpoints
Challenge unconscious bias
Celebrate differences
Uplift and add to each other's ideas
Create a safe environment for feedback and ideas
Learn how to attract and engage amazing women within your organisation at all levels
Learn how to diversify your culture so that new people add to it and make it better

Start-up to Scale-up

Help founders to scale their ideas and decision making

Frameworks for decision making to help you scale and not become a blocker to your team
Product tear-downs to identify gaps
Set up teams for success to avoid common pitfalls in scaling
Ensuring you have true Product Market-Fit and identifying areas to scale, how to move into adjacencies and take advantage of rapid growth


Global Experience


Head of Product Global Delivery
Lead product development across 7 products in Australia, Asia, Mexico and Brazil. A team of 50+ people based in three continents pioneering globally distributed teams