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Rebooting Connection: The Launch of Brisbane’s Battle of the Tech Bands

Battle of the Tech Bands

When I stepped into the role of COO at Rex Software in 2022, the world was just beginning to emerge from the isolating grip of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fuelled by a vision to reconnect our community and reignite our collaborative spirit, I turned to a unique blend of my passions for technology and music. Inspired by Melbourne’s Battle of the Agile Bands, founded by Nigel Dalton, I saw a perfect opportunity to bring a similar vibe to Brisbane. My goal was clear: to create Brisbane’s first-ever Battle of the Tech Bands—a celebration aimed at reviving the community spirit and showcasing the hidden creativity within our tech sector.

The idea was simple yet ambitious. I reached out to our team at Rex Software to gauge interest, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. It wasn’t long before we formed our own band, a melodic representation of our company’s spirit. But why stop at one band? I extended the invitation to other local tech companies, and soon, the likes of Jumbo, FoundU, and a spirited collaboration from TeachStarter and Caterpillar joined the lineup.

As the event’s MC, I had the thrilling task of engaging the audience, and a highlight for

me was leading a crowd harmony rendition of “Hounds of Love.” There’s something magical about watching a diverse group of professionals unite through the power of music.

When the 2021 event came around, we took things up a notch by moving to The Triffid, a venue that captured the grandeur of our growing ambition. That night, not only did we see FoundU return with even more energy, but I also found myself roped into singing—a nerve-wracking yet exhilarating experience. To make the evening even more memorable, it coincided with my last day at Rex, marking a high note in my career that I could not have scripted better.

None of this would have been possible without Scott Warren, whose dedication and enthusiasm were instrumental in making these events a success. Scott took on the challenge of learning to play the drums, stepping up his game and never letting us down. His commitment ensured that the Battle of the Tech Bands continued to thrive, with plans already in motion for another spectacular show in 2024.

Both events not only showcased our talents but also supported important causes, raising funds for The Ukrainian Society in 2022 and Beyond Blue in 2023. These efforts underscored our community’s commitment to not just celebrating our successes but also giving back.

Now, as I settle back into Melbourne, I reflect on these experiences with immense pride and gratitude. These events were more than just concerts; they were a powerful demonstration of how the tech community can come together to create something truly spectacular. They allowed us to put on a show from nothing, to inspire, and to be inspired.

Thank you, Brisbane, for the memories, the music, and the magic. Let’s keep the spirit of innovation alive, and may the chords of our keyboards and guitars continue to resonate well into the future.

The next event is coming up soon, check it out at:

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