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Why being a startup founder isn’t the only way to be an innovator

February 3, 2016

Everybody wants to be a founder these days - they dominate the conversation. They’re the heroes and the rock stars, and we’re even seeing policy-makers start to drive the innovation agenda and call for a nation of founders.


But founding a startup isn't the only way to innovate or make a difference - it takes a band to launch a sustainable business, not just the lead singer.



It’s true: founders are worth the applause.


A founder charges headlong into huge risk, often giving up an income to pursue their ideas, sweating blood and tears over their dinner table as they look for investment and others who believe in their mission.


Many don’t succeed and those that do don’t all become Mark Zuckerberg or get bought out by Google and become millionaires. Products are hard to create and even harder to grow.


But it’s not the only way to be an innovator, and in our founder frenzy this can get overlooked.


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